Batuura, the last city in the World

Arhoda Manor

The party was brought together by the half-elven cleric of Bahamut Heian Urugkind, who in the name of the laws of temple of Bahamut, the justice of the Jury of the Seven and the Society of the Midnight Veil, who lost the pendant to recover it. The party climbed over a wall and fought two large guard drakes and entered the abandoned manor where they were ambushed by the several armed persons who had fortified the ruined place. After a great fight the party triumphed and drove off the last guard stationed on the roof of the place. In excitement the party joyously rang the bell in the bellfry. They recovered the pendant of Arhoda and entered the cellars of the house. Finding a deadly trap the party cleverly disarmed it by smashing everything that moved and was vulnerable. Moving beyond that they discovered a strange ritual being performed to the Raven Queen involving a naked and nubile young female hobgoblin and a glass sphere with a strange worm-like thing with eyes in it. The ritual was disrupted, the priest laid low and dissovled into shadowy mist the party felt victorious. However, the bell in the tower was an alarm to summon reinforcements and while the party prevented it from being sounded by the enemy, the party’s ringing of it called them anyway. The reinforcements were too much for the exhausted group who took the party’s gold, the girl and the strange sphere, leaving them in a pit as the newcomers left. Not capable of bringing any prisoners or information about the identities of the criminals, the lawyer of the group was called back before the Jury of the Seven to be interrogated for his failures.

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