I weep for you, Batuura, city of the Te’ezuz (scribes of the law, i.e. bards), the last city in the world, where the gods have blessed us with the mercies of the past delivered to us under the auspices of the Grand Archdruid Malathodontam from the garden of the Serpent King (Zehir). And your Abeto Worrach (crown prince) did welcome them in, at the behest of the Blattengeta (wizards), who like all your Ato (citizens) and their Gabre (slaves) did worry of the Tafari (he who is feared, warlocks, witches and sorcerors), as was right in the words of the Memires (priests) and the deeds of the Nibures (holy warriors). And at first, they all cheered the coming of the past, dukes, princes, and noble; fools them all. And did the Gwandari (soldiers) drink and carouse much, giving us Afae (spokeswomen of the law) much to do and much baji (wealth). And outside your walls did the barbarous dark halflings dance with the tribe of bones (orcs) Thalugruurk (he who foreswears pants) and, then as too many chefs sour the stew, did the many of the past disagree on the law, claiming to know more than the Fatha Neghast (supreme lawyer of Nerath) and so in the end I write this, knowing that it was just not true.

- found on the justly hanged body of Afae Mialee

Classes allowed: Any except swordmage & psionics Common races: Dwarf, Elf, Goblin, Half-Elf, Halfling, Human Uncommon (up to two): Dragonborn, Eladrin, Half-Orc, Hobgoblin, Tiefling Rare races (only one, one less uncommon allowed): Bugbear, Goliath, Shifter, Orc Unique (only once during the campaign, not if any rares): Deva, Gnome, Shadar Kai, Warforged

Batuura, the last city in the World